• Cari Berlin

Take Back Your Story!

Have you ever read a really great book and then been bitterly disappointed by the movie version? You feel like you know the story intimately, and the movie just doesn’t tell the right story. I’ve often thought, if I were the author, I’d want to take back my story!

If a screenwriter or director wanted to film a movie about your life, would it be a story you’re proud of? Would it be the story you planned? Most people’s lives are filled with sitting around and waiting for something to happen instead of taking action and creating the life they want.

But what if you could live as a character in an interesting and meaningful story? I have put together a mini retreat for women entrepreneurs and business leaders

and I’m inviting you to join me there the evening of May 1st. At the Woman On A Mission workshop I’ll share how knowing what you want your life story to be, then creating a life plan and a new daily routine to go with that story will give you a sense of meaning and the confidence to know that you are being intentional about your own story! Because, let’s be honest, until you take back your personal story and have a plan for living it out, someone else is likely to write it for you.

One last thought – what does this have to do with leading a business? Because knowing where you want to go in life, and having the right steps and daily routine to get there, is really the best way to improve your productivity. Life plan plus increased productivity equals time and energy to grow a thriving business.

I would love to see you at the Woman on a Mission workshop, Follow the link to register. Use the promo code WOAM for Woman on a Mission, to get a 60% discount. See you there!

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